Creating for a Cause

I have always been passionate about art. Creating and appreciating beautiful things has always given me great joy. We live in a visual world, and we absorb thousands of visual communications daily without even noticing. This was fascinating and powerful to me, and eventually led me to pursue visual communications as a career. I decided to major in Art Direction.

After completing my degree I decided to pursue my Honours, as I felt that I still had so much more to learn. It was then that I really discovered my need to use my skills for something that really matters. I felt that 'designing for a purpose' was my calling, and that I would use what I had learnt over the years to communicate things of importance. To communicate in such a way that it could create a change.

This resulted in a complete mental shift towards creating to make an impact, rather than just creating to align with a brand strategy.

Since the beginning of lock down, I couldn't get my mind off what was happening as a result. For me being at home was a blessing, that I even had a home full of food and warmth was more of a blessing. I realized that there was so much time and so many resources available to me, that I could use along with my skills to do something positive and implement change. I saw that this would be my way to help, to uplift and to act with purpose.

We are all so connected, and I think we've only realized this to the fullest extent in our current situation. Everything you do and every choice you make affects so much beyond yourself. So I chose collaboration, and empowerment and purpose.


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