The Choose Africa project is collaborative initiative aimed at promoting responsible tourism, as well as highlighting the far reaching effects of tourism in Africa.


Our aim is to shoe the world the other side of your vacation in Africa, and focus on what happens 'Behind the Scenes'. We want to promote and support the many amazing outreach and conservation programs that run in our many countries, alongside our unique and diverse collective offering as “Africa”.


Creating awareness and uncovering those unheard and untold stories that no one hears is our core purpose. Giving a voice to everyone.

We want to change the way people think about travel and show them the far reaching effects of their choices. We want to show the world what happens behind the scenes of your dream holiday, and all the good you are doing for the world, all the lives you are changing, simply by going on holiday and enjoying yourself.

Without donating, without activity being involved in anything, you are still making a impact. All you have to do is choose to visit Africa. You are changing lives simply by going on vacation.

The ChooseAfrica Foundation is acting as a Voluntary Association / non profit entity, independent of any governmental organizations. All work is done on a volunteer basis by a group of cool people who care.

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